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Use your skills & knowledge to support curated values-led small nonprofits and businesses.

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Join us on Discord to support curated values-led small organizations with your core skills & knowledge.


Discover businesses and nonprofits in our curated Directories, and check out our curation method in the FAQs.

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Stay tuned for additional features, such as supporting these orgs with your money as well as skills & knowledge.

Discover small values-driven organizations

Search the gooava Directory to find small businesses and specialized nonprofits that care about the same causes you do, learn about how they go about supporting those causes, and get to know the amazing people behind these entities.

Join us on Discord!

Share your core skills to amplify your social impact

Offer up your core skills (software engineering? project management? legal? accounting? digital marketing? other?) to these values-driven organizations to help them flourish and so amplify the collective social impact.

  Coming soon  

Donate to impactful nonprofits regularly

Donate to the curated small, specialized, and impactful nonprofits in your chosen cause areas regularly and in one place to ensure that you are driving systematic positive change.

gooava want to help you spend more meaningfully


We curate small & specialized for-profit and nonprofit values-driven organizations


We enable you to directly support the people running these orgs with your skills


We help you understand how these orgs work to drive positive social change

Want gooava to help you efficiently support small organizations that care about the same causes you do?

We'd love to hear from you!

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