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Use your skills & knowledge to support fellow values-led small organizations.

Accept the same from your peers as well as young employed professionals.

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Apply to be considered for our online community of values-led small organizations and their supporters.



If approved, create a human & digestible profile for your nonprofit, which will show up in the gooava Directory.

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We then invite you to a Discord group, where all members use their core skills & knowledge to support one another in the pursuit of positive social change. create a gooava profile for your nonprofit and join our "do good" community

Among the Gen Z/Y'ers gooava surveyed


Question the impact or
effectiveness of nonprofits


Struggle to decide on the causes
or organizations to support

gooava want to help you extend your impact by building trust


We make showcasing your nonprofit's story and impact easy to do


We help employed young professionals support you with their core skills/knowledge


We connect you with other values-led small nonprofit and for-profit organizations


Read our Founder's Story here

Want gooava to help your nonprofit showcase and get support with the great work that you do in a human and digestible way?

We'd love to hear from you!

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