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Use your skills & knowledge to support fellow values-led small organizations.

Accept the same from your peers as well as young employed professionals.

Apply to be considered for our online community of values-led small organizations and their supporters.



If approved, create a human & digestible profile for your business, which will show up in the gooava Directory.


We then invite you to a Discord group, where all members use their core skills & knowledge to support one another in the pursuit of positive social change. create a gooava profile for your business and join our "do good" community

Gen Z/Y customers care a lot about your business' values


Believe brands should be about something more than profit


Want to buy from brands that align with their values


Will pay more for a product if some proceeds go to charity

gooava want to help your values-led small business flourish


We help Gen Z/Y shoppers discover and support the great work that you do


We put a face behind your business, building customer trust and respect


We connect you with other small values-led for-profit and nonprofit organizations


Read our Founder's Story here

Want gooava to help your business join forces with other values-driven folk in support of the causes you care about?

We'd love to hear from you!

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