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Uplifting small organizations driving positive social change, together.

gooava is made for...



Values-led small businesses
who go the extra mile for
our planet & their community.


Small & specialized nonprofits who focus on maximizing their impact on beneficiaries.



The young generation who strives to support values-led small organizations.

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For values-led small businesses and specialized small nonprofits

The first 20 organizations to join gooava get 6 months of free access.

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Our Values


We want to celebrate people with strong values, who work to make the world a better place, in their own way. We see gooava as a safe space for positive and real emotions, as well as kind and considered behaviors.


We believe that our world is awash with possibilities for improvement, and want to create an environment where people focus their support on - and unite over! - the areas they know and care most about.


Here, actions speak louder than words. We encourage everyone to evidence all expressions of values. We also love organizations that are self-driven to measure and improve on social outcomes.


 We onboard specialized and small organizations that deeply care for and understand their beneficiaries. We then trust them to do their best, with the resources available, to drive tangible positive change. 

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